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The Designer

Care and consideration for others has guided Kiersten Elizabeth in everything she has done.

It’s what motivates her as an artist. Every magnificent one-of-a-kind piece she creates is carefully considered for the feelings it will provoke, for the memories it will encapsulate, for the love and joy it will signify.

It is particular. It is meant for you.
It sings a personal song and radiates a specific light.
It tells your story.

Like all art, this precious jewelry is informed by its maker’s experiences and personality. It references work that has come before, yet it finds new expression.  

Kiersten apprenticed with a large international jeweler, learned secrets of the trade, and earned certifications in diamonds and colored gems.  The creative impulse was strong, along with her sense of adventure. She began to travel far and wide in search of pristine gems for the stories they can tell

While Kiersten’s knowledge of fine gems and designs have evolved, she’s always maintained a strong belief that jewelry is always about the person who wears it.  Each gem is a vessel meant to contain meaning, each wearer is meant to look upon her jewelry and appreciate more than its intense color or sparkle. 

She is meant to feel good while holding memories close. She is meant to channel and to receive love. She is meant to embrace life and those who give it substance.

This is what Kiersten Elizabeth contemplates

with each precious one-of-a-kind piece

of fine jewelry she creates.