Saltwater Pearls, Aquamarine, Diamond Mala / Meditation / Prayer Necklace in 18 Karat Yellow Gold



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Every necklace is one-of-a-kind and imagined for not only beauty but balance. Each necklace is accompanied by a written enclosure on fine stationary informing the recipient of each material in the necklace including it’s symbolism and healing properties.

If you would like a personalized Mala necklace to best suite you, private commissions are available upon request. Please contact us. Working with Private Clients is a true joy and inspiration for Kiersten Elizabeth, who believes every piece of jewelry is about the person who wears it.

This necklace features the following:

78 Fine Saltwater Cultured Pearls
26 Smooth Aquamarine Beads
4 Diamond Rondels in 18 Karat Yellow Gold
1 18 Karat Enhancer Bail – makes Tassel Removable/Detachable
1 Removable Sari Silk Tassel
*Kiersten has made these removable to allow the wearer more flexibility. Please inquire if you are interested in different colors or would like additional quantities.

Strand Length is 29″
Strand Length with Tassel is 33″
Weighs 45 grams

The recipient will receive a description, as it reads below, on fine stationary informing them of the materials that were lovingly selected for their beauty and symbolism.

18 Karat Gold For Prosperity

Gold symbolizes the purity of the spiritual aspect of “All That Is”. It is symbolic of spirituality and development in the reallowing one to both attain and maintain communion with the source of all being. Gold has been called “the master healer”. It is an excellent mineral for purification of the physical body. Gold helps one to improve one’s character via learning lessening the trauma associated with situations experienced to assist one to activate to mobilize, and to actualize the intrinsic potential of the self.

Aquamarine For Soothing

Aquamarine carries the smoothing and cleansing powers of the sea. It has a gentle calming energy that reduces stress and anxiety while enhancing inner strength and confidence. Aquamarine is also known for its anti-ageing properties and its often used in rejuvenating beauty rituals.

Diamond For Devine Energy

Diamond is a stone of beauty and perfection. Derived from the Greek word for “invincible.” Aside from the value and legacy of diamonds, they also possess very powerful healing abilities. Diamonds are High Frequency stones that can open all chakra channels, giving out powerful healing properties. It greatly enhances our inner vision, and as a gem of great power and truth, shows us not to take for granted what we already have.

Pearl For Wisdom and Prosperity

Pearls bring centering and a calming reflection, as well as attune you to the ebb and flow of life. They promote faith, honesty, purity, wisdom, charity and personal integrity. Pearls soothe and heal the negativity and struggle that occurs in your life be it occasionally or for a long period of time.

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