GIA Oxblood Coral with 3.3 Carats Diamond Drop Earrings in 18 Karat White Gold



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Today, all coral must be vintage in order to protect our reefs. Kiersten Elizabeth was moved by the patina of Havana, Cuba when she saw the ornate city of a bygone era. This is where she envisioned the Oxblood Coral Set complimented by distinctive lines of diamonds as a nod to old Havana Glamour. These vintage earrings were discovered as the perfect compliment to a necklace and ring set.

Gemstone Detail
2 Oxblood Coral Pear-shaped Cabochon 19.83 x 10.89 x 7.95 mm
2 Oxblood Coral Round Cabochon 7.5 x 8.0 x 6.3 mm
Round and Marquis Diamonds Weighing Approximately 3.3 Carats

Additional information

Gemological Institute of America

GIA Report # 620494206
Report Type: Identification Report
Shape: Drop Shape
Transparency: Semi-Translucent
Color: Orangy Red
Species: Coral
Treatment: No Indications of Dye
Item Description: One (1) of (4) orangy red stones set in a pair of white metal earrings with numerous near-colorless round brilliants and two (2) marquise brilliants.
Weight: 7.64 grams (gross)
Measurements: 19.83 x 10.89 x 7.95 mm
Comments: Only one (1) drop shape stone was randomly selected for testing

SKU: CCFG - 90