AGL 47.95 Carats Emerald Cut Aquamarine Ring, French Cut Sapphires, Diamonds, PT



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This impressive ring is named Eleanor for Former First Lady Eleanor Rosevelt, who received a stunning 1,298 Ct Aquamarine from President Vargas of Brazil in 1936. What a gift! Brazil continues to produce the finest quality Aquamarines just as you will find in our “Eleanor.”

An unbelievable piece from another era assured to make you feel like an iconic movie star! This exquisite ring boasts a 45.41 Carat Emerald Step Cut Aquamarine. It is surrounded by precision French cut blue sapphires and finished in an incredible deco design of diamonds. The profile of this ring indicates its true presence and also showcases fine detail craftsmanship rarely seen today. Truly, a gorgeous ring.
Emerald Cut Aquamarine 45.41 Carats
58 French Cut Sapphires Approximately 1.74 Carats
16 Diamonds Approximately 0.8 Carats
Set in Platinum
Total Gem Weight Approximately 47.95 Carats

Additional information

American Gemological Laboratories

Prestige Report # 1102420
Mineral Type: Natural Beryl
Variety: Aquamarine
Color: Light Blue
Carat Weight: 45.41 Cts
Measurements: 25.30 x 19.00 x 12.29 mm
Shape: Rectangular
Cutting Style: Emerald Cut
Enhancement Standard: See Comments
Enhancement Additional: None
Stability Index: Color Stability: Excellent
Comments: The color of aquamarine is commonly the result of a relatively low temperature heating process.

SKU: CCFG - 60