GIA Cert 14.70 Carat Emerald, Diamond, and Pearl Edwardian Platinum Bracelet



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The Monroe bracelet just makes you feel glamorous whether worn with jeans or all dressed up. This Edwardian Bracelet has been brought to new life through a full refurbish and the addition of a 2.64 Carat Emerald Cut Emerald that makes a statement all its own. This bracelet features 4 large distinct links with 3 smaller links, and 6 diamond set connectors. Bracelet length is 7.75″ and is .75″ wide.

Diamonds Weighing Approximately 12.06 Carats
Emerald Weights 2.64 Carats
Total Gem Weight Approximately 14.70 Carats

Additional information

Gemological Institute of America

Gemstone Detail
GIA Report # 6204945113
Report Type: Emerald Origin Report
Shape: Octogonal
Cutting Style: Step Cut
Transparency: Transparent
Color: Green
Species: Natural Beryl
Variety: Emerald
Origin: Russia
Treatment: Clarity Enhanced (F1) = baby oil
Item Description: One (1) green stone with a client stated wight of 2.64 carats set in a white metal bracelet with three (3) white oval beads and numerous near-colorless stones of various shapes and cuts.
Weight: 41.80 grams
Measurements: 10.78 x 6.27 x 5.21 mm

Pearl Detail
Report Type: Peal Identification Report
GIA Report # 6203945177
Shape: Oval
Bodycolor: White and Cream
Overtone: N/A
Identification: Bead Cultured Pearls
Environment: Saltwater
Mollusk: Pinctada Fucata (Akoya Pearl Oyster)
Measurements: Ranging from 8.93 x 8.24 mm to 9.50 x 8.39 mm
General Description: Three (3) drilled perls in a white metal bracelet set with one transparent green emerald cut and numerous transparent near-colorless variously shaped cuts.

Diamond Detail
Various sizes of Mine Cut Diamonds weighing 11.5 Carats
Princess cut surrounding Emerald weighing 0.65 Carats

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