4.3 Carats Lavender Jadeite Ring with 1.02 Carats of Tanzanite and Diamonds Set



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Lavender Jadeite honors Bona Dea, the Classical Greek Goddess of Women. Her temple, Aventine, was cared for only by women. She was believed to protect women through all of their changes in life. It is no wonder Lavender Jadeite was chosen for Bona Dea with it’s ability to lend calm and serenity.

Kiersten Elizabeth is fascinated with rare and unique colored gemstones and enjoys unexpected combinations in her designs. One of her favorite gems is Jadeite Jade, not to be confused with softer and less colorful Nephrite Jade. Jadeite Jade is far more durable making it most suitable for Fine Jewelry. Jadeite Jade is scarce and can be discovered in green, lavender, red, orange, yellow, brown, white, black, and gray. The most prized and valuable colors are the incredibly rare Imperial Green and Lavender. Perfect for someone who seeks the best quality in one of a kind jewelry.

This ring embraces a Chinoiserie style, where East meets West, holding a Lavender Jadeite oval cabochon with Pear-shaped Tanzanites and Diamond accents making the most interesting and soft color combination.

Lavender Jadeite Cabochon 4.3 Cts
Matched Pear-shaped Tanzanites 1.02 Cts
Diamonds 0.10 Cts
Set in Platinum 950

SKU: CCFG - 32