12 mm Angel Skin Coral Necklace with 0.71 Carats Platinum and Diamond Clasp



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Gorgeous one of a kind necklace featuring vintage Angel Skin Coral. The designer paired the substantial 12 mm Coral beads with a vintage mixed cut Platinum and Diamond clasp that perfectly hugs the shape of the beads on either side. The clasp can be worn in the back or as shown in the picture as a focal point worn to the side.

Necklace Details:

(46) 12 mm Angel Skin Coral Beads
Mixed Round and Marquis Cut Diamonds Weighing 0.71 Carats Total Weight

Pendant Measurements:
Width: 7/8″
Length: 5/8″
Necklace Length: 24 1/4″
Length can be adjusted upon request

Overall Weight: 124 grams