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Cherish Collection

What makes a treasure worth cherishing? Its unique beauty and the care with which it was crafted hold value. But it’s the human associations that mean more, for we cherish those we love.  That is something Kiersten Elizabeth has always known, and that is why she has created an extraordinary collection of jewelry called Cherish.

Fine Jewelry and Fine Art meet to honor the loved ones you so Cherish. 

This timeless collection is conceived as a collaboration between artist and artist, and between the artists and their patron. The result is a perfect merging of aesthetic elegance and personal grace, an object made intimate by the wearer, a piece of fine jewelry that tells a story of devotion.

Transform the visage of a loved one into a sublime fine art oil painting in miniature form, applied on ivorine just as the masters of a bygone era did, then house the portrait within a stunning piece of jewelry designed by Kiersten Elizabeth that harkens to the traditions of the 19th century.

The result is one of life’s true treasures: an icon of everlasting love.

The Process

Select between a commissioning a bespoke jewelry design working in collaboration with the designer, or choose from one of our timeless treasures

We will then have a commissioned miniature oil painting of your loved
one to created to fit your selection.

The result is the preservation of what you Cherish set and painted just as you want to see them.